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3-Ways to Gather Data provides a simple, effective, and low-cost text and emailing marketing solution that is sure to help you grow your business.

So, how does one gather customer’s emails and/or text numbers to begin marketing?

With, there are basically 3-Ways.

1 – Customer Signs Up

This is by far the best solution for the customer signs up by either sending a text to your text number or sending an email to your email account. When the customer wants to discontinue receiving texts or emails, they simply text or email the remove phrase. What’s nice about this method is that there is no intervention on your part in maintaining the text and email customer lists.

text to join

2 – Importing

If you have a list of customer email addresses or text numbers, you can easily import the information into You can either import your list into a one-off message or you can import your list into the contacts section which stores the information to use over and over.


3 – Manually

Recipients can be manually added to a message you’re creating for a one time use or they can be added to the contact section to be used over and over.

manually adding

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